Insufficient lubricant causes the turbocharger damaged

Insufficient lubricant causes the turbocharger damaged


The lubricant of turbocharger has the lubricating and cooling function. The cooling system  function will be affected if it is lack of lubricant, which will also causes a overheat turbocharger issue and a broken shaft, bearings, etc. Meanwhile, The rotor dynamic balance will be influenced, finally, causing the turbocharger damaged.

The following conditions result in insufficient oil supply:

  1. Result in coking and loss of function: 1. Failure to change lubricants
  2. use bad quality lubricants below the CD level
  3. The diesel engine suddenly stops after a heavy load, causing heat, causing the rotor and bearing to overheat and coke, damaging the supercharger.
  4. After the start-up, run at idle speed, immediately load, or replace the supercharger without pre-lubrication, resulting in lack of oil in the rotor, friction, damage to the supercharger.
  5. The oil inlet pipe or lubricating oil is clogged, the lubricating oil pump is faulty, or the lubricating oil pressure is low.

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