SCAER SA1142 Smart Electronic Actuators


SACER SA1142 Smart remote actuator is designed
for the small displacement engine application with
electronic control turbocharger, such as e-WGT,
e-VG turbo. Smart rotating position feedback module
and PWM interface feature provide high benefi ts for
turbocharger effective control.




Motor torque output Up to 60Ncm (25°C)
Resolution 0.26°
Response time <1.2ms
Rotation travel up to 120°
Operating temperature range -40°C to 125°C
Communication PWM
Power input 10.5-16V


SACER Smart Electronic Actuators are typically used
for Garrett VNT turbo (applications such as passenger
car / LDV duty diesel engines to help provide optimum
performance and enable compliance with current and
future exhaust emissions standards.

  • For Turbo application: Honeywell Garrett VNT
    turbocharger / BorgWarner BV VTG turbo
  • For Garrett VNT Turbo Model: GT20 / GT27
  • For BorgWarner BV turbo: BV40 / BV43
  • Application information:
    Implemented for BMW / Audi / VW / Ford /
    Mercedes-Benz / GM / etc. popular diesel
    engine passenger cars
  • More car type or model detail
    check to below “Make/models Select table”.
Quality control
  • Full function OQC test and confirm for every unit
  • 2 years Full European Warranty
  • Finish full function test, temperature test, endurance test, drop test, vibration test, salt spray test, destructive test, EMC test.
Explanation of Part Numbers
  • For example: SA1142-D-099-02
    • SA1142 : SACER product code
    • D : Have D and A version: D = PWM version, A = Analogue version
    • 099-02 : Model number, reference to 6NW 010 099-02, different connecting elements(dimension and mounting angle) have different model number
  • Product mark:


General purpose application

Check and Test it before use
Step 1. If you have a test device(like DTE Vntt test tool), please test it before assembly to
your Car or Turbo
Step 2. If you do not have a test device, please check and compare to original ones you
i. Model number is the same

ii. Lever dimension is the same, and lever angle at the same direction (need move
both product the worn gear to the same place before compare).


Dimension or outline information(unit: mm)

Make/models Select table
NO. Order NR. Type Make/Model ReferenceNumber Available
1 SA1142-D-099-01 PWM / Digital BMW 7 Series,X5,X6 Nissan Navara/Pathfinder/Murano/Atlas/Castar 6NW 010 099-01 Yes
2 SA1142-D-099-02 PWM / Digital BMW X5 (E53) 3.0d (184 Hp)BMW 1,3 Series 2.0D 6NW 010 099-02 Yes
3 SA1142-D-099-05 PWM / Digital 6NW 010 099-05
4 SA1142-D-099-08 PWM / Digital BMW 3.0D 6NW 010 099-08 Yes
5 SA1142-D-099-09 PWM / Digital Caravan/NV350 6NW 010 099-09
6 SA1142-A-430-00 Analogue MINI COOPER DIESEL R56/R60 6NW 010 430-00
7 SA1142-A-430-02 Analogue BMW 530d 6NW 010 430-02
8 SA1142-A-430-03 Analogue BMW Passenger car 6NW 010 430-03
9 SA1142-A-430-04 Analogue BMW 320D 520D 6NW 010 430-04
10 SA1142-A-430-06 Analogue BMW 320d X3 xDrive20d 6NW 010 430-06
11 SA1142-A-430-10 Analogue 6NW 010 430-10
12 SA1142-A-430-12 Analogue 6NW 010 430-12
13 SA1142-A-430-18 Analogue 6NW 010 430-18
14 SA1142-A-430-19 Analogue 6NW 010 430-19
15 SA1142-A-430-25 Analogue 6NW 010 430-25
16 SA1142-A-430-26 Analogue 6NW 010 430-26
17 SA1142-A-430-29 Analogue 6NW 010 430-29
18 SA1142-A-430-30 Analogue 6NW 010 430-30
19 SA1142-A-430-36 Analogue 6NW 010 430-36 Yes

Note: if not available, we need original gearbox samples, for more information please connect our sales.


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