Turbo E-Actuators

Focus on turbo electronic actuators, dedicate to improving OE quality.

Actuator GearBox

For Garrett diesel turbo(with black CAP)- ACU Turbo Actuator with black...

T3 E-Actuator

Focus only on turbo electronic actuators, dedicate to improving OE quality ...
Remanufacturing solution

SA1130 Turbo Actuator GEARBOX

Complete NEW aftermarket Turbo Actuator GEARBOX assembled on Garrett Turbos’, calibrated and fully assembled aluminum housing used on most popular diesel engines.

Why choose us


Competitive Prices

20% lower cost advantage than similar products

Professional R&D Team

over 100 specialists worldwide push technology to its limits, and beyond

High-quality Products

completely replace the internationally famous brand of similar products

Reliable Service

guaranteed with 2 years full european warranty period


Sacer is a Chinese manufactory founded by highly skilled and experienced automotive engineers in 2007, which develops and produces high-tech electronic spare parts for automotive rebuilders & remanufacturers.
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